Saturday, November 14, 2009

NYT Graphics Director Steve Duenes

Steve Duenes -- Talk to the Newsroom -- The New York Times -- Reader Questions and Answers - New York Times

Newspaper graphics have often been the target of derision, with USAToday providing rich fodder for what not to do. The NYT has taken an aggressive role in improving its graphics content.

This online Q&A with the Times' graphics director is quite interesting.

Discuss: 1) How do NYT graphics measure up these days? 2) What proportion of their graphics are data visualizations and what proportion are merely illustrations? 3) How are they leveraging animation or interactive graphs on the web? 4) Does this translate to print? (Compare the same story on web and in print.) 5) Which graphics present "analysis" and which are merely "visual description"? Is there a difference?

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